Endeavor Announces First Ever Chief Information Officer

Endeavor Announces First Ever Chief Information Officer

Headshot of Brian Vlaar, Endeavor Chief Information Officer

Endeavor is excited to welcome Brian Vlaar to the team as Chief Information Officer. With more than 20 years of extensive knowledge and experience in both hardware and software development, Brian’s technical abilities and solid people and project management performance make him very well suited to lead the evolution of Endeavor’s development team.

“With our global sales growth booming, I’m excited to have Brian on board to manage our growing technology reach and continually improve our customer experience” – Brad Reiser, CEO.

Brian will shape the strategic direction, and drive the execution of Endeavor’s technology platform and is committed to ensuring all aspects of the business work in concert to produce superior products with the utmost integrity.

“I’m honoured to serve as Endeavor’s first CIO and thrilled to be joining Endeavor at a time when the business is building innovative, ambitious and exciting plans for the future” – Brian Vlaar, CIO.

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