Endeavor Announces New Chief Technology Officer

Endeavor Announces New Chief Technology Officer

Kim Laursen, CTO, Endeavor

Endeavor is excited to announce the strategic appointment of Kim Laursen as Chief Technology Officer, effective August 1, 2019.

“We are thrilled to have Kim join Endeavor’s team as CTO,”  said Brad Reiser, CEO, Endeavor. “For 20 years Kim has built his career in the Oil and Gas industry, developing a formidable reputation in onshore and offshore operations. His immense industry knowledge and interest in bringing innovation, technology, and training together will help Endeavor to deliver the most authentic and capable simulation software to the Oil and Gas industry. ”

“Endeavor’s extremely progressive and customer-centric business is rapidly expanding globally, and I’m very excited for this awesome opportunity.” – Kim Laursen, CTO, Endeavor.

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