How this Albertan Drilling Simulator is taking the industry by storm

Everyone loves a good video game – especially when you get to play them at work. Endeavor Technologies is creating a lot of buzz for their technology and is making Alberta proud to be regarded as the most advanced drilling simulator technologies on the market. Consideration of industry needs and innovation came together to create a revolutionary tool that brings together artificial intelligence and petroleum integrated technology.

Using a gaming approach, Endeavor Technologies delivers a AAA video game experience to help train drillers, supervisors and engineers in the field. This completely customizable tool teaches conventional and directional drilling within any formation while also simulating real-time physics and fluid dynamics on surface and downhole. The simulator also challenges the ‘player’ with over 100 different types of malfunctions they might encounter when on the job – offering a very real experience of the types of situations encountered when on the rig. Three and a half years in the making, Endeavor already has international deployment scheduled.

For companies, these types of technologies offer a huge cost savings. Founder of Endeavor Technologies, Brad Reiser, cites that most companies allocate up to a $1 million loss in non productive time in the first 5 years of a drillers career. Hands on innovations like this offer substantial cost savings to the industry- as well as better prepares employees for high-risk situations. Think about it this way, pilots do not improve their performance by learning on a real plane – flight simulators are common practice. Then why train drilling operators on millions of dollars of equipment? Innovation in the industry is often a buzzword – but this is a real example of how energy technology is coming a long way and delivering real industry value with high potential.

Supporting technology entrepreneurs with innovative ideas like this plays a big part in the Economic Strategy for Calgary. It increases Calgary’s profile in competitive markets, puts us a head of the curve on innovation, and also strengthens linkages between the energy and technology sectors.

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